Rejection Email Template


The Outlook Rejection Email Template

The rejection email template is a great tool to have in your busy Human Resources department. The template is completely free and downloadable to Outlook 2007 or later. The template is completely customizable to your own requirements and specifications.

Working With the Rejection Email Template

The rejection email template can be saved to a convenient folder in Outlook. Then, it can be used whenever you need to send a rejection email to a job seeker who has contacted your company.

If you have recently advertised a job opportunity, you might be overwhelmed with applications for the advertised position. Using the rejection email template, you can simply and easily tailor the template to your own words and send out replies to all applicants who did not qualify for the job.

Depending on your protocol for sending rejection letters, you can either send the emails directly to the job applications. Alternatively you could print the emails and mail them out.

Whatever method you use to send rejection letters or emails, you will be able to save the sent emails in folders in Outlook. You will have a record of all the rejection emails you have sent. In the future if you need to go back through this pool of applicants, they will be easily available in your outlook folder.

The rejection email template will save you and your staff hours of time. Rather than recreating a rejection letter each time you need to create one, you will have the rejection email template at your fingertips. You will just need to open outlook, open the folder and open the template letter. You can simply change the addressee’s name and the date of the letter, and it will be ready to email or print and mail.

The template will save you time, over and over again. Sometimes it is hard to put into words the exact sentiment you wish to express, regarding a rejection letter. Having the words already in place reduces the stress, of trying to format a letter, with exactly the right words and style.

Once you get started using the rejection email template you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Download: Rejection Email Template