Purchase Order Template


A fundamental tool for any business, big or small, is a purchase order. The Purchase Order Template is a great way for you to provide confirmation of an order for your customers. Everything you need to give your business the high-quality and professional atmosphere it deserves is available in this template. You can easily customize the document to reflect the values of your business and make the design exactly what you want. The power to create is in your hands, the template simply provides you with an easy-to-read design that will never leave your customers confused. Download the free template to get started.

Purchase Order Template Guide

To download the free template to your computer simply click the link located at the bottom of this page and open the document when the download is complete.

Start by adding your business information in the top-left corner of the page. After you write down the contact information of your business, you can move down to the details of your purchase order.

There are six things you need to fill out in the next section of the document. Follow the example illustrated for you at the top. Enter the date invoice #, P.O. number, shipping date, transport system, and terms for shipping for this purchase order.

If you use a different system for your business you can change any of these details by clicking on a cell and entering your own information.
Beneath the purchase order summary information, you can enter the specific details of the purchase. As you did with the summary, go through the items and replace the examples with information that fits your order.

The final section of the document is for entering an itemized list of all your goods or services laid out in a simple table. The only things you need to enter for this table are the Item #, description, quantity, unit price, and total price. Once you’ve gone through the entire list of items, the template will add up all the figures from the “Total Price” column of the table and provide you and your customers with the final totals.

Have a safe, reliable, and professional tool for your business; download the Purchase Order template today.

Download: Purchase Order Template