Publisher Brochure Template


Free Publisher Brochure Template

You can make your own professional brochures quickly and easily with the new publisher brochure template from Microsoft. The publisher brochure template gives you everything you need to get the work out about your business or company. And what’s more, the publisher brochure template is designed to save you money because it’s available for free right here on this page.

Make brochures that will inspire confidence in your company with the publisher brochure template from Microsoft today!

How to Edit the Publisher Brochure Template

The publisher brochure template comes in the form of a Microsoft Publisher file. After downloading by using the link available on this page and before you begin editing it, save a blank copy of the publisher brochure template on your hard drive.

As you take your first look at the publisher brochure template, you’ll notice the brochure incorporates a traditional tri-fold design. You can add text, content and more on each side of the template. You can navigate between the slides by clicking on the slides in the toolbox on the left-hand side.

You’ll begin editing the publisher brochure template by adding a photo or caption to the title fold. Next, add a headline and subheading introducing your company and what it is you do. The second fold is reserved for more information about your company, as well as a logo, address and website. The third fold includes two text boxes you can utilize for whatever you feel is most important to add in this space.

The second slide of the publisher brochure template is for the inside of the brochure. It is designed to open fully and reveal only one page. There is ample space on this portion of the publisher brochure template for headlines, sub-headings, bullet points, logos, pictures and more.

As you fill in the publisher brochure template, keep in mind that all aspects of it are completely customizable. You can alter the color scheme to better reflect your business, or change the font so that it stands out from the rest.

Download: Publisher Brochure Template