Project Planning Calendar


Screenshot of the Project Planning Calendar

Are your projects out of control and hard to manage? Large projects take a lot of planning, otherwise you may become overwhelmed with the amount of work that is involved to bring it into completion. Not to mention that without proper planning you can ruin a whole project, which could potentially cost a company thousands of dollars to scrap the work you did and restart. Luckily, there is an alternative method to tackling large projects – the project planning calendar.

What is a Project Planning Calendar?

A project planning calendar is a special calendar that is used to plan out a project, just like the name implies. It works by allowing you to place goals on the calendar at certain dates that you can work towards achieving. The best way to tackle large projects is to break it into smaller pieces, which is what this type of calendar allows you to do.

By setting goals at specific dates, you can work to achieve a certain part of the project by that date, and then work towards your next goal. If you aren’t able to complete that piece of the project by the date intended, it allows you to know ahead of time whether or not the project will be finished on time and what can be adjusted to correct the problem.

Using the Project Planning Calendar Template

Of course, you don’t need to design your own project planning calendar, but can instead use a pre-made template. This saves you design time so you can immediately get to work on your project after just putting in your dates. Over time, you will be able to add new dates to your calendar if changes are to be made, as it can be completely customized to fit your needs.


  • Break project down into smaller, more manageable parts
  • Make adjustments to your schedule as needed
  • Create an estimated completion date for your project
  • Set goals for your team to work to achieve
  • Be able to visualize everything that needs to be completed for your project
  • Save time by using a pre-made template
  • Set individual goals for certain team members, having it in writing so both the manager and team member can remember what needs to be done


Hopefully, you will take full advantage of this free project planning calendar template. You will get projects done much faster and more efficiently. It can be a great asset to your team!

Download: Project Planning Calendar