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Professional Letterhead Template Free

You can help define your company’s image with the professional letterhead template from Microsoft. The professional letterhead template gives you endless customization and personalization options without the normally associated costs. You can download the Microsoft professional letterhead template right here from this page for free. It downloads in seconds and is ready to use right away.

Give your company the professional edge it needs with the professional letterhead template from Microsoft and Template Haven today!

About the Microsoft Professional Letterhead Template

The professional letterhead template comes in the form of a Microsoft Publisher template. After downloading, open the file in Publisher and save an unused, unedited copy. Publisher is part of the Microsoft Office family of products, and there’s no additional software required to begin using the professional letterhead template immediately.

How to Edit the Professional Letterhead Template

The professional letterhead template is a single-slide Publisher template. In the event you need extra slides, you can get them by right-clicking the slide and then clicking insert page. The first step in editing the template is to highlight the title (“Northwind Traders”), delete it, and input the name of your business or company. If the letterhead is to be used for a personal reason, you can add your name to the top of the document. Beneath the title, add the physical address of your office or company.

The bottom of the professional letterhead template is reserved for customer or personal contact information. This information includes:

  • Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Web Address

Once this information has been added to the professional letterhead template, the document is ready for the contents of your letter. Once completed, the document is ready to be printed and mailed, or saved as an attachment and shipped out in an email.

Save time, money and energy by using the Microsoft professional letterhead template. Download the template for FREE right here at today!

Download: Professional Letterhead Template