Personal Finance Statement Sheet


The Personal Finance Statement Sheet is your way to achieving all your goals and aspirations in life. Whether you work for a major corporation or you’re a small business owner, if you want to expand or improve your business, you’re going to a need a loan. The best way to show your professionalism is by coming to the lender prepared with a neat and organized Finance Statement. This template not only gives you a space to enter all this information, but it also tells you exactly what you need to include if you’re new to the process. This free template has everything you need to start listing all your assets and liabilities and much more! Blow lenders away with this incredible Finance Statement template!

Personal Finance Statement Sheet Guide

To download the free finance template, simply click the link below!

First, enter your name and the current date at the top of the page in the indicated areas. Then go through the “Assets” section of the document and write the amounts for each item. You can change or add things to the list by clicking on a cell and typing your new information.

Next, you will do the same in the “Liabilities” section below. Both sections will take the amounts you’ve entered and calculate the totals in the last row of each table. The finance template will also display the “Net Worth” of you or your business below the “Liabilities” section.

You can provide your signature and date the document after printing. To print the sheet, simply press “File” then “Print” at the top of your screen.

Finally, the second page gives you a space to list all this information in more detail. Just go through the page and enter all the information required.
Go to your lender with confidence knowing all your finances are in order!

3 Reasons to the Personal Finance Statement Sheet

  • Helpful structure shows exactly what you need
  • Easily customized to fit your needs
  • Printable

Download: Personal Finance Statement Sheet