Outlook Business Card Template


Outlook Business Card Template screenshot

An easy way to attach your business contact information to your email is by using an Outlook business card template. These easy to customize templates can be attached and then downloaded by the recipient. With a simple right click of the mouse your recipient can add your information directly into their address book.

Downloading and customizing your business card is easy and allows you to make an impact on your business associates.

Using the Outlook Business Card Template

An Outlook business card template couldn’t be an easier to use. Once you customize the card with the information that you wish to include, you simply save it and insert it as your signature by selecting the insert tab on Outlook and then selecting the saved business card under the business card option.

When you are finished with your email you can simply insert it as your signature. The Outlook business card template then becomes an easy to save card for your associates. The template is available for free on this page. It is easy to use and is completely customizable using Outlook, Excel or Word.

To use the Outlook business card template:

  • Download the template and save it to your computer.
  • Edit the information such as Name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • When finished making changes click on the Save and Close button.

You can customize the template even more by right clicking on the image of the business card and selecting edit business card. On this window that opens you can change the background and add or remove lines of text or spaces if necessary.

Once you are finished making changes on this screen you simply need to click okay to save the changes. Then select the Save and Close button on the contact screen to save your final changes.

By giving your business associates an electronic business card, they can easily save your information into their address book. The Outlook business card template allows you to personalize your business card and make it match your paper cards for continuity across all your business formats.

Download: Outlook Business Card Template