New Year’s Resolution Sheet


The New Year’s Resolution Sheet is here to help you follow the path to completing you goals! Many people just need a reminder of their ambitions to help them through that rough first month. Getting into a routine and finding your rhythm is the hardest part of achieving a life-long goal. This template is designed to help you focus all of that New Year’s energy and commitment into something that will last throughout the year. Finally, you have a way to accomplish all of your goals by using the, absolutely free, Resolution Sheet!

New Year’s Resolution Sheet Informational Guide

The first step is to download the free file by clicking on the link provided. This will automatically download the document to your computer. Once you have the file open, you can begin to customize the template to suit your specific needs!

Start in the “Goals” section; here you will be able to enter all of your tasks for the year. In doing so, you give yourself the opportunity to structure your schedule around a specific task or goal. Simply make your way through this table and mark the task with a “v” when you complete it.

In this table, you can also enter the date you accomplished your goal and list a timeframe for when you want to achieve the task.

All of these aspects will be listed to the right of your screen and a convenient “done” will appear once you have marked the task with a “v”. You will also receive a percentage bar at the top of your screen to display your overall progress.

Make this year your most successful one by using the Resolution Sheet!

Reasons to Use the New Year’s Resolution Sheet

  • Convenient percentage bar provides a nice overview of your progress
  • Allows you to list a number of goals
  • Easily customizes to fit your needs throughout the year

Organize all of your New Year’s goals in one simple template!

Download: New Year’s Resolution Sheet