NCAA Bracket Template


If you’re a true fan of basketball, then the NCAA Bracket Template is the perfect tool for you to keep track of your favorite teams as they make their way to victory. This template comes with both the classic bracket system that you’ve probably seen and an Excel tracker to store even more information as well. These two sheets will give you everything needed to properly track your teams and even make accurate game predictions throughout the season. Make your way to the final playoffs this year with the NCAA Bracket Template.

How to Use the NCAA Bracket Template

Start by downloading the free template. Simply click in the link at the bottom of this page and follow along with the list of instructions below.

Start in the “Bracket” tab of the template by clicking on it at the bottom of your screen. Now go through and list all of the NCAA teams by their corresponding seed numbers. Note, you can easily find a current seed list by searching online.

Once you have all your teams have been entered you can proceed to the “Tracker” tab. You’ll notice that all the teams that will play off first will be listed in the “Match-ups” column. Once a game has ended, you will enter the appropriate information in the next few columns.

If you’re playing a tournament with your friends, assign a “Player” slot to yourself and your friends at the top of the page.

All you need to do is enter the winner of the game, who your choice was for a winner, the exact results, and the same information for all 5 players.

You will continue to enter the same information as you scroll down the list, making your way to the final round of your tournament to decide the winner.

Join your team in victory this year by tracking your tournament and watching your analyzed data pay off each round. Download the free Bracket Template today to get started.


Download: NCAA Bracket Template