NBA Schedule 2016-17


NBA Schedule 2016-17

If you’re getting excited waiting for the basketball season to start, you’re not alone. We have you covered when it comes to NBA 2016-17 as well, with the NBA Schedule 2016-17 template! This sheet has every game that is scheduled for this season all the way into next year. You’ll never miss another game with this templates easy customization that allows you to cater to your own location as well. To use this completely free template and be in the know this year, all you need to do is follow the instructions below to get started!

Using the NBA Schedule 2016-17 Template

Downloading the free NBA Schedule 2016-17 template document is as simple clicking the link we have provided at the bottom of this page.

The setup for this template is simple. Start at the top and enter the information required. This will allow you to enter your own data into the template, such as the team you want to follow and the venue in your own home town.

Now, take a look at the schedule below. You have the games ordered by number in the first column, letting you which teams play first. Then, you have given the date, start time, away team, home team, and the venue.

The team and venue that you entered above will be highlighted in this list so you know which games to look out for.

When you watch a game, at the end just enter the final scores in the red boxes between the team’s names you see at the center of the table.

That data will then be used to calculate the overall standing for every team in the season, so you know how well your team is doing overall this season.

The NBA Schedule 2016-17 template makes it easier for fans to see the games and following along with the overall standing at the same time.

Download: NBA Schedule 2016-17