Mortgage Savings Calculator


Now you can quickly and easily enter your mortgage payment information onto one convenient document. This is a helpful way to plan for your future. By having this data readily available, you can assess how close or how far away you are from paying off your home. From there, you can make informed decisions for other aspects of your life, such as other major purchases. There has never been a better time than now to start investing in your future! If you want to finally have your home paid off, there is no better way than by downloading this free template and seeing what a few extra payments can do for you!

How to Use the Mortgage Savings Calculator

To download the document, just click the link provided at the bottom of this page!

In the yellow highlighted section in the left-hand corner of the page, enter your loan information. The Mortgage Savings template will automatically give your monthly payment totals, the number of scheduled payments, and what you’ll pay in interest.

Now, scroll down to the main table of the page. All the required information as it is stated in the title row above is calculated and displayed for you.
You’ll notice, in column G of this table, there is a blank space to enter the amount you want to pay extra for each month. The Mortgage Savings template will take this figure and add it to the “With Extra Payments”.

The template will also take this information and give you a cumulative total for the amount you will save from interest over time. You’ll be able to see how just a few months of extra payments can amount to thousands in savings for the future!

How the Mortgage Savings Calculator Benefits You

By using the Mortgage Calculator, you can watch as your extra payments translate into larger savings from interest over time. A few hundred dollars every month may not seem like a lot, but you can see those savings add up to thousands from interest alone! Don’t waste another minute, download this free document now! This will give you the motivation to continue making those extra payments until your dream home is truly your own!

Download: Mortgage Savings Calculator