Membership List Template


When dealing with an organization or service that involves more than a few people, the inventory of people is important. This applies to those involved such as employers or committee and is kept track of using a Membership List Template.

With a Membership List Template, the professional look of record-keeping is attained. With this type of form, it is open to customization according to the user or the whatever format the organization prefers. There are multiple reasons why this is a recommended way for record-keeping.

How to Use the Membership List Template

The template format is pretty easy to follow, all that one needs to do is to download the template provided. There is no purchase necessary at all, the template is free to download. There are no restrictions on this template and it is very customizable. This is so that any information that is specific to the user is added in any way that they see fit. The given format already provides plenty of information to get the user started. This makes it a lot easier than starting something from scratch. There are plenty of columns and rows provided and the header area, where the company information is offered is already there.

Tips for Using the Membership List Template

Here is how to get started with the template offered:

  • First, complete a download of the Membership List Template here.
  • Make sure that you keep track of what folder it is saved to. Usually downloaded files will be saved in the download folder by default but a window should pop up showing the path and direction of the saved file.
  • Launch the file. The icon should show up as the default office program installed on the system.

Suggestions on How to Use the Membership List Template

  • If necessary, change the name of the file shown in the header. This is easily accomplished by clicking on the title and retyping over it, just like changing words in any document. This will re-label the document to fit your service, organization or company.
  • Enter the names of the members followed by the information that is requested through each column. The information listed is basic and usually the default format.

If there is a need for additional information than more columns are added to the top. This is accomplished by right-clicking on the section above where a menu is displayed. This will give the option of adding an additional blank column that you can rename. This is also done with rows if there is a need to add more members to the template. Using this template will save more time than creating one from scratch.

Download: Membership List Template