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Marketing Brochure Template Free

The Microsoft marketing brochure template is designed to allow you to create professional marketing brochures without any of the regularly associated hassles, time or costs. The marketing brochure template is available here as a free, instant download. Once downloaded, you can have your own brochures ready to be handed out in just a few minutes.

How to Edit the Marketing Brochure Template

The marketing brochure template is designed to be used and customized in Microsoft Publisher. Only a basic knowledge of how Publisher works is required to begin using the marketing brochure template right away. Once you’ve downloading the marketing brochure template, save a copy on your hard drive.

The marketing brochure template consists of two slides that can be accessed by using the page navigation toolbar on the left-hand side of the template. The first page of the tri-fold marketing brochure template is for basic company information. The first fold includes modern artwork as well as a space reserved for your company name and tagline. The back fold also includes a sleek photo as well as an area where you can include customer quotes. Customer quotes are a great way to demonstrate your success and add visual interest to your text.

The middle fold of the front slide of the marketing brochure template is for mailing purposes. This is where you will place your address, the address of the recipient as well as a stamp. While you don’t have to necessarily mail the brochure, the design of the marketing brochure template provides you with an excellent mailing marketing opportunity.

The second slide of the marketing brochure template allows you to go in-depth about your company as well as the products and services you offer. You can utilize headlines, bold fonts, bullet points and different colors to accentuate all the positive aspects of your business.

The final step in editing the marketing brochure template is to add your contact information in the space provided. This information can include your physical address, email address, web address and contact phone numbers.

Every company needs a successful marketing campaign. Reach your audience the right way with the Microsoft marketing brochure template from Template Haven today!

Download: Marketing Brochure Template