March Madness Party Budget


Now you can prepare for the greatest March Madness parties of all time this year using the free March Madness Party Budget. The simple template gives you a way to plan, organize, and budget each of your basketball parties in the most efficient way. You have complete control when it comes to customizing to customizing the perfect party plan. You’ll even receive a breakdown of how much you’re spending of your total for each item. Download this free template today to get started.

March Madness Party Budget Guide

Start by downloading the Party Budget template to your computer by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page.

The next step is to set your budget for the entire party in the “Budget” cell. The template will take your expenses and calculate the “Actual” and “Difference” cells so there is no need to enter anything into these areas.

When you’re ready to start shopping, scroll down to the “Description” section of the template. This is where you will enter the different categories for your purchased item, along with a brief description of them.

After you enter a description, you can also choose the category of that item, using the adjacent drop-down menus in the “Category” column.

Finally, the last thing you need to enter is the total price of your item. The template will take all this information and give you a complete breakdown of your expenses in the graph above and the difference between you budget and the dollar amount you ended up spending.

You can use this document to continually improve your March Madness parties by allocating funds from one aspect of your party to another.

Plan the greatest basketball experience you or your friends have ever seen. Download the free March Madness Party Budget today.

Download: March Madness Party Budget