March Madness Individual Player Stats Sheet


It’s that time of the year again so put on your jerseys and gear up for March Madness. To truly shine this basketball season you’re going to need a little help. The March Madness Individual Player Stats Sheet is a comprehensive way to list and track all your favorite players and their current stats. Now you can track the best players and have a good idea of what’s in store for this season. Download the template and start entering the information of the players you want to track.

March Madness Individual Player Stats Sheet Instructions

It may seem a little daunting at first to look at the large list of players and their stats that this document comes with but keep in mind you only need to fill out the information of players you want to track. You can simply mass delete the rest when you understand how to use and edit the document by following the instructions below.

After you’ve downloaded the free template to your computer, you can see how easy it is to customize. You’ll start by entering the Team and Rank of the player you want to track in column A.
Next, enter the player’s minutes per game rank, followed by their name. This will make it easier to fill out the rest of their information later on.

You’ll simply continue to go column by column filling out the information listed in the header. Enter their class, position, and the school they represent in the proceeding columns.

The last sets of columns are designed to include all their current stats. Everything from field goals to their total points scored will be entered in this section.

When you are ready to enter another player into your spreadsheet, just enter the same information in the next row with their stats instead.

Top 3 Features of the March Madness Individual Player Stats Sheet

  1. Offers plenty of examples to get you started
  2. All your information is available on one page
  3. Simple design makes customization quick and easy

Download: March Madness Individual Player Stats Sheet