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Free Letterhead Template

The new Microsoft letterhead template provides those struggling to create professional letterheads an all-in-one solution. The letterhead template can be accessed on this page in just a matter of seconds. Once downloaded, you can have a professional-looking letter ready to be shipped out in just minutes.

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Filling Out the Microsoft Letterhead Template

The Microsoft letterhead template is an easily customizable document that you will edit in Microsoft Publisher. After downloading the file by clicking the link located on this page, save a copy of the template on your hard drive or other internet compatible device.

The letterhead template consists of a single slide. You can begin editing the Microsoft template by first inputting either your company logo or business name in the box provided in the top right-hand corner of the document. The main body of the letterhead template is where you will place your letter. You can type your letter directly into the document, or you can copy and paste it from another source. Either way, the text in the letterhead template will display in a rich and easily readable font.

The bottom of the Microsoft letterhead template is reserved for all of your pertinent company information. This includes:

  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Fax Number
  • Company Street Address (Including city, state and zip code)
  • Company Web Address

Once you have completed the bottom portion of the letterhead template, the document is ready to be printed off and given to its designated recipient. You can also save a copy of the letterhead template and send it as an attachment via email if necessary.

Send your messages with the professionalism they deserve with the new letterhead template from Microsoft. Download this incredible template for free from TemplateHaven.com today!

Download: Letterhead Template