Inventory Sheet


Keeping track of what is in stock and what isn’t is more than a good idea; it’s a crucial business strategy. However, the bigger a business gets, the harder it becomes to do this accurately. That is why it’s so important to have an inventory sheet on hand to let business owners know what orders they can fill, which they can’t, and what items need to be re-stocked post haste.

It isn’t necessary to buy an expensive software suite in order to have an electronic inventory sheet. All you need to do is download our completely free template and start keeping better track of what you have in stock. All you need is Microsoft Excel.

The Inventory Sheet is Simple and Free

This inventory sheet template is a simple to use, and a free way for business owners to keep track of what they have and what they need. All the business owner has to do is get online and download the free template, and save it to his or her computer.

Once the template has been downloaded, all the business owner has to do is open it up and fill in the blanks including the date, as well as all of the items on hand at any given time. Once the inventory sheet has been filled out, click Save As and name it according to the date it was made. This ensures that the original template remains clean, while the new inventory sheet is saved for later perusal.

The Free Inventory Sheet Provides an Endless Backup

The other great thing about this particular template is that there’s no limit to the amount of times it can be downloaded and used. If the file gets accidentally saved over, then all a business owner has to do is hop back online and download a fresh copy of the template. Once the fresh template is there, it can be used just as the last one was.

So whether someone changes computers or makes a mistake when clicking the save button, it’s a problem that can be very easily rectified as long as the computer in question has a solid, reliable Internet connection.

Download: Inventory Sheet