Interview Thank You Template


Interview Thank You Template

The Microsoft interview thank you template gives you a formatted response for breaking news to recent interviewees. This time-saving interview thank you template is available as a free download on this very page. It is formatted to work with Microsoft Outlook and is ready to use immediately after downloading.

Filling Out the Microsoft Interview Thank You Template

You can begin editing the interview thank you template as you would any other email. First, add the recipient’s name and email address. Also be sure to add any other recipients you would like in the carbon copy bar. Finally, add the subject in the subject line.

The interview thank you template comes complete with ready-to-edit text that requires little effort to customize. The text in the body of the Microsoft interview template reads:

Dear [Name Here]:

Thank you for your interest in the position with [Company Name Here]. We regret to inform you that this position has been closed.

However, we will keep your resume on file for [length of time] and will contact you during that time if a position that matches your skills and qualifications becomes available.

Again, we appreciate your interest in [Company Name Here]. We wish you the best of luck in your job search.


To edit the interview thank you template, simply replace the information in brackets with information of your own. For example, highlight “Company Name Here”, delete it along with the brackets, and input the name of your business or company. Repeat this process until all the brackets include your company information.

After you’ve added your signature to the bottom of the interview thank you template, the document is ready to be shipped away.

Denying employment can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to a painstaking one as well. Download the fully functional and cost efficient Microsoft interview thank you template from Template Haven today!

Download: Interview Thank You Template