How to Jump Start Car


The one and only chart you need for your car, the free “How to Jump Start Car” sheet is the perfect template to help you learn how to jump start your car. This simple Word document has everything you need to help you jump your car when it breaks down, from simple directions to a full diagram.
This problem happens more often than not. You battery is near death and you weren’t warned before you went off to work. This template will make your life much easier by showing you how to perform the task perfectly. This way, you can get to the nearest car repair or parts shop and replace the battery as soon as possible. To get started, simply follow the instructions given below.

Downloading and Using the How to Jump Start Car

To download the free template file to your computer, simply click the link below.

Now, when you open the word document, you will see a list of instructions and a diagram of two batteries being connected to give the dead battery a jump.
We recommend starting by reading the instructions and then using the diagram to finish the job. The image below shows you which battery is good and which one needs the jump.

You will start by connecting the red wire, followed by the black.

Once the diagram is perfectly setup with your own car, you will proceed to start the donor car then start the dead car. When the car is running smoothly, you can disconnect the wires and then drive the car to the nearest shop for a repair or simply to buy a new battery.

This simple template has exactly what you need to learn how to jump start a dead battery and fits perfectly in your glove compartment.

Download: How to Jump Start Car