How Old Is My Dog in Human Years


How Old Is My Dog in Human Years

The free How Old Is My Dog in Human Years template answers that age-old question about the age of your dog. You can use this free document to find the age of your dog in human years. There have been many myths floating around like “their age times seven” but their age is a bit more complicated than that.

Their first few years of your dog’s life is a lot like that rule but as they get older this simple multiplication trick no longer applies. This template has cataloged your dog’s age and their relative human ages so you can quickly and easily see how old your dog is in human years.

Using the How Old Is My Dog in Human Years

To download, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Now, when you look at the time template, you will find that we have given you different dog sizes. This plays a significant role in how most dog’s age.

You will start by seeing which category your dog falls under based on their weight. Once you have determined the weight of your dog, follow that column down to the section that says “Age in Human Years”

Let’s use an example to show you exactly how to use this template. You want to know the age of your 60-pound dog in human years. You know that your dog is 5 years old, so you would scroll down the third column until you find the “5th year.”

Then, you would see that your five-year-old large dog is 36 years old in human years. Their age is comparative to that of a 36-year-old, in other words.

You might be thinking that 7 times 5 is close to 35 and this template only uses that (7 times dog’s age) formula. However, if you look at the ages for small and medium dogs in the other rows, you’ll see that they differ. This is due to the fact that smaller dogs typically have a longer longevity.

You can see what age your dog is in human years by downloading the free template below.

Download: How Old Is My Dog In Human Years