Hall Pass History Template


For the safety of all students, schools must keep track of them at all times. That’s why schools utilize processes like the hall pass system. This system requires that students get written permission in the form of a hall pass from their teachers to wander the halls for certain reasons. The most common reasons students get hall passes are to use the bathroom, go to their locker, and to go to other classrooms. An important element in this process is a Hall Pass History template, which lets the teacher easily keep track of statistics dealing with the many hall passes they have assigned.

How to Use the Hall Pass History Template

Observe the different sections. Note that date, student, destination, departure time, and return time are all sections that make up the Hall Pass template. Just about every detail about a hall pass can be recorded on this sheet.

Use this to keep a detailed log of each student who requests a hall pass. Print out as many as you may need.

Have students fill out all the necessary fields. Teachers should fill out the destination, departure time, and return time. This way, the teacher is in charge of the specifics as they need to know where students are at during all times.

Tips for Using the Hall Pass History Template

The great thing about the hall pass template is that it’s very straightforward. It’s easy to print enough copies of it for a week, a month, or the entire school year. Essentially, it also permits you to have almost a bird’s eye view of the movement of students who use hall passes.  Teachers can easily check for inconsistencies relating to destinations and times of departure and return. Some students abuse the hall pass privilege and think that they can get away with different types of mischief. With the Hall Pass History template, teachers can stay one step ahead and keep tabs on students’ use of hall passes.

Keeping track of hall passes can be a simple process. Let Template Haven help you with our free Hall Pass History template.

Download: Hall Pass History Template