Graph Timeline Template


The Graph Timeline Template is a template designed to make organizing and planning any goal or aim much simpler. You can enter your goal and the various steps it will take to achieve it on the timeline. This is a great tool for teachers to plan their lessons. You can also accomplish the goals you want to achieve in your personal life with this template. The free document is yours to download, remold, and make your own. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be that much closer to organizing your dreams and making them attainable in the near future.

How to Use the Graph Timeline Template

The first step is to actually download the template to your computer. To do this, you will simply follow the link located at the bottom of your screen.
There are two sections to the Graph Timeline Template, the table at the top of your screen and the graph at the bottom. You will enter all your information in the table at the top. The template will then take this data and apply it to the graph.

The example displays a teacher’s lesson plan. The chart also shows that information in a way that is easy to read. You can see where some of the items on this list overlap into the next lesson plan.

This is a useful tool when you need to quickly transition from one task to the next, whatever your goal may be. You will simply need to replace each item with your own goal information.

Start by listing the name of your task, then the start and end dates, and finally the length of time each task will take to accomplish. You also need to change the dates on the timeline to fit your goal. Call us optimistic but your goal probably won’t take centuries, as with the example.

Use this free Graph Timeline to keep track of all your major goals and aspirations and watch as you make your way to achieving them.

Download: Graph Timeline Template