Gas Mileage Tracker


Gas Mileage Tracker

You’re driving on the highway when you notice that you have less fuel than you thought. Perhaps your car is getting older, or something is wrong with your vehicle. The Gas Mileage Tracker is an easy way to organize and calculate your fuel costs and see exactly how much you’re getting out of that tank.

How to use the Gas Mileage Tracker

Download the template and open it in Excel. The template has three entries written as a placeholder for the example. Start by entering the date you last put gas into your vehicle. From that date, look at your trip meter in the car and enter the total number of miles driven per tank of gas (count all the miles you drove from the time you filled up your tank to when you are refilling it).

Next to the Trip Meter column, enter the total number of gallons you put in your tank. Use the decimal system and don’t round up. Next, enter the cost of that fuel tank and again, don’t round up.

The last three columns will then do the entire math for you, automatically. The Cost/Gallon will show how much each gallon of gas cost you. The Miles/Gallon will calculate how many miles you drove on each gallon of gas. Finally, the Cost/Mile will show the exact cost of each individual mile.

At the top, the Excel sheet will automatically calculate the average amount of each trip you’ve entered. The more dates you enter, the more math it will do to give you a more accurate average. The white box on the far right is a tool for you to use. Enter in the number of miles for a trip you’re taking, and it will calculate, based on averages, how much that trip will cost you in gasoline. This tool is great for group road trips.

Tips on using the Gas Mileage Tracker

  • Keep track of the exact numbers of cost, gallons, and miles. The more exact you are, the more accurate your auto-calculated results will be.
  • Do not add trips together as this will make the averages inaccurate. Enter in a new date on a new line for time between gasoline fillings.
  • The Trip Estimator Tool displays the “Trip Cost” number according to your averages. It does not reflect the price of gasoline currently, only what you have paid in the past.

Download the Gas Mileage Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft