Email Party Invitation Template


If you are planning an event in the near future for your family and friends, you may be able to make use of this Email Party Invitation Template. It is free to download on this page, super easy to use, and highly customizable to suit all of your needs. Here’s a little info on how you can use this and some tips to make it work even better.

How to Use the Email Party Invitation Template

The template you can download here will open up in Outlook 2013 or newer. The first thing to do is add the e-mail addresses of all the individuals you wish to invite to your party with a comma between each. A subject should be added as well to address the occasion. Make it stands out to make sure the guests realize the importance of the e-mail.

The next step is to add what the event you are inviting them to the area of text that says [event descriptions]. The date and time should be entered where [Date] and [Time] are respectively. Where the party is to be held at will fill the area that says [Location of the Event]. You will most likely be adding your name to the area that says [Name] unless you want the members to let someone else know they are coming.

The date you want your RSVP done by can be inserted into the second field that says [Date]. Finally the phone number is which you want your RSVP contacted at should be put where [Phone number] is.

Tips for Using the Email Party Invitation Template

If you want to individualize each person’s email party invitation template instead of making all of them the same, you can feel free to. After you fill all the info in, save it over the template so you have one to go from and you can add text after at the bottom to address each person individually. This makes for a nice personal touch where you can talk about current events. You can also change the picture to whatever you wish as well quickly and easily. This could be used for any kind of party as long as you have a picture that fits the message adequately.

The Email Party Invitation Template that is free to download at the bottom of this page is very easy to use and fully customizable to fit any need you might have in this area. Get it now to save time, money and having to go out to the store for envelopes and invitations.

Download: Email Party Invitation Template