Digital Marketing Tracker


Now you can use the Digital Marketing Tracker to monitor the latest trends for all your favorite social media campaigns and use that data to improve your social performance on any site. You can even customize the template to fit your business or personal needs. Changing the structure of this document is as easy as clicking inside a cell and typing something new. Get started on your path to a better social media presence by downloading this free template and following the guidelines listed below.

Digital Marketing Tracker Guidelines

The only thing you need to do to download the free template is to click the link located at the bottom of your screen. No credit card or sign-up required for our material.

The template is color-coordinated to differentiate between social media platforms at your convenience.

You will start by listing the date in the column to the far left. Simply click on a cell and enter the date.

The next few columns are to enter a number of posts, comments, likes, shares, add, etc. for your posts. You will skip these for now and head to column G.

Feel free to change any of the categories at the top of the page to whatever social media platforms suit you best. The next section of the Digital Marketing template is for Facebook. You will extend the columns to name the subject of your post. Next, enter the number of likes, comments, shares, and friend requests that post gained.

The rest of the template has a similar structure with other social media platforms. Simply enter the name/subject of your post or tweet then the subsequent information about it.

By the time you finish your template you should be able to use the data to your left to identify quite a number of important details. First, which categories do best with which platform, which topics perform well, and how you can incorporate successful post data into your next content piece.

Download: Digital Marketing Tracker