Customizable Excel Calendar


The entire calendar year is at the touch of your fingertips with the new Customizable Excel Calendar. This template sheet gives you a way to quickly and easily navigate through the months of the year and plan out your schedule to save for later. You can update your schedule on your own time. No more wasted nights writing your to-do list on your wall calendar. You can also save a few trees while you’re at it. Download the free calendar template today to plan for tomorrow.

How to Use the Customizable Excel Calendar

To download the Customizable Excel Calendar to your computer, the only thing you need to do is click the link at the bottom of this page.

The template gives you a list of all the tabs (months) at the bottom of your screen. Start by clicking on the current month to begin editing the document for your needs.

Each page is displayed just like a wall calendar, with every day getting its own cell to enter information. Simply find the day you want to enter an item and click inside that cell. While inside the cell, just begin writing your schedule, task, or goal and hit enter to finish. The template will store this item in your template after you save your edited file for next time.

In the bottom right corner of each tab is a “Notes” section to enter any notes you may have for that month. They can be general or they can apply to one specific item on your calendar, anything you need will work here.

When you want to move on to the next month just click the next tab on the list.

You can even print one of the months to have a handy physical copy to hang somewhere in your home or carry with you wherever you go.

This Customizable Excel Calendar has a nice and clean interface in which to store your schedule. Nothing beats a well-planned calendar to make the year your own.

Download: Customizable Excel Calendar