Complete Goals Checklist


We all have goals and none are impossible. They just take a little organization to make everything fluid to fit your schedule. You will accomplish all your goals using the “Complete Goals Checklist.” The template is an easy way to plan your schedule. The Goals Checklist is designed as a simple schedule so you can enter all your daily activities as well as major goals. This way, you can have your goals set for a specific time of the day rather than vaguely list the current date. This gives you a step-by-step approach to making sure all your goals get completed in a timely manner. You even get a fun picture of a pug to look at while you complete your tasks.

How to Use the Complete Goals Checklist

The pug is fun but if you want to start by changing the image, I won’t blame you. You can just right-click on the image and select “Change Picture” to choose a photo from your computer.

Now, in the header of the checklist, you will see three main categories for entering items into this Goals Checklist. You will use all three to master this sheet.

The first thing you need to enter when writing down a new task or goal is the date that you want to complete it. In the next column, you will list the name of your goal and a description.

Your description should be good enough to remind yourself exactly what needs to be done. The more detailed the better. The Complete Goals Checklist cell will expand the more you write so no need to worry about space.

Whenever you actually complete a task you will enter an “x” in column A. This will show that the task is complete and the template will automatically cross out the task you listed, just like a physical checklist.

If your list is starting to get really long, you can easily sort your goals by using the drop-down menus in the header above. For example, if you want to display only the tasks of a certain date, you can click the drop-down arrows of the date column and select the date you want. This will display only the items listed for that date.

If you want to start completing goals instead of forgetting them, download this free Goals Checklist today.

Download: Complete Goals Checklist