Collaborative School Project Template


Collaborative School Project Template

Group or collaborative projects are a pain in the neck because when one student isn’t organized then the whole thing can fall apart. The free Collaborative School Project Template is a document that was designed to help students understand their role, develop quality content, and present their work in an informative manner.

The free template comes to you as a simple Word document that you will make your own. Through a series of edits and communication with your team, you can make a collaborative project that’s sure to get you that A.

If you’re ready to get organized with your group then follow the instructions below to download and use the free Collaborative School Project Template, today!

Using the Collaborative School Project Template

After clicking the link below to download the free template, start by entering your project title at the very top of the page.
Next, summarize your group project under the title with a brief explanation/synopsis.

Now, fill in the information requested by the template by entering each team member’s name, the class, the semester, instructor name, and the date.

The template will show you what to enter at each phase of the template. You will begin with an introduction to your overall topic.
Your next step will be to enter the body of your work and replace the middle portion of the examples given (the numbered items you see in black).

Finally, your team will need to compose a well-thought out conclusion that sums up what your project has discussed.

You can also use the template to assign tasks to certain group members. For example, in the body section, you could list the topic of “Point 1” and list someone’s name next to that topic (meaning they are in charge of doing it).

You can accomplish any goal your project group has in mind with the Collaborative School Project Template.

Download: Collaborative School Project Template