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Brochures help tell the world about your company and all the amazing products and services you can offer. These brochures are a reflection of your company, so it’s critical to make them look as professional as possible. Now, you can make pro brochures in just minutes with the new brochure template from Microsoft.

The Microsoft brochure template can be accessed for free on this page. Just click the download link and the template will be ready to use in just seconds!

How to Fill Out the Microsoft Brochure Template

The brochure template comes in the form of a Microsoft Publisher file. After opening the zip file, open the document in Publisher and save it to your hard drive. In the event you don’t, you can always return to this page and grab another copy for yourself or company.

The Microsoft brochure template consists of two different slides that can be access on the left side of template. The first slide is where you will design the tri-fold aspect of the brochure. The first panel of the first slide of the Microsoft brochure template is where you will place the headline. This can be the name of your company or your company mantra or slogan. Below the headline, you can place tagline or a quote.

The next panel of the Microsoft brochure template is reserved for your company information, including your phone number, physical address and web address. The final panel of the three is reserved for a subheading and some basic information. Here, you will want to provide a brief description of what you do, why your products are better than others, etc.

The second slide of the Microsoft brochure template is where you will place the bulk of the information about your company. There are spaces for two headlines, photos, quotes and more. This is where the design phase will be most intensive, but all of the areas to place information are easily customizable.

Make your brilliant brochures the envy of the competition with the free Microsoft brochure template from Template Haven today!

Download: Brochure Template