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Free Bookmark Template

Even with today’s technology, bookmarks still serve some incredibly useful purposes. In addition to obviously being placeholders for one’s books, they can be a great promotional tool for your business. Now, you can take advantage of this incredibly effective form of advertising by downloading the bookmark template from Microsoft.

The Microsoft bookmark template will allow you to create your own custom bookmarks in just minutes, and is available as a free download right here on this page. Continue reading below for an overview of the bookmark template and how to begin using it right away!

How to Use the Microsoft Bookmark Template

After you have downloaded the bookmark template by utilizing the free link that is available on this page, you will open the file using the Microsoft Publisher program. Before going any further, we also suggest that you save a blank copy of the bookmark template so you can have one to edit and customize down the road.

Upon first glance at the bookmark template, you will notice five brightly colored bookmarks. As you continue to get an overview of the bookmark template, keep in mind that you can customize any aspect of it that you wish. Whether it is the color scheme, font size or style, or number of bookmarks, you have a license to get as creative as your heart desires!

You can begin editing the Microsoft bookmark template by selecting which photos you would like to appear on each bookmark. You can remove the stock photo of the baby on the first bookmark by clicking and deleting it.

Once the photos have been selected, you can include text along the length of the bookmark if you so choose. Finally, once the bookmarks are customized to your liking, you can print off a copy of the template so that the individual bookmarks can be cut. There are easy to read dotted lines along each bookmark for simple shearing.

Save time and money by creating your own personalized bookmarks with the bookmark template from Microsoft. Download the template and use it in seconds for free today!

Download: Bookmark Template