Blank Brochure Template


Free Blank Brochure Template

The Microsoft blank brochure template gives you the power to create professional business brochures in just minutes. The template is easy to work with and downloads in just seconds. The blank brochure template is also available to all visitors here at Template Haven for FREE! Continue reading below to learn how to use the blank brochure template today!

How to Edit the Microsoft Blank Brochure Template

After you’ve downloaded the blank brochure template by using the link available here on this page, open the file up in Microsoft Publisher. You will immediately notice that the blank brochure template consists of two different slides – one for the inside of the brochure and one for the outside. Before going any further, it’s suggested that you save a blank copy of the blank brochure template for future use.

The blank brochure template is designed to allow you to create a professional tri-fold brochure. The first fold on the first slide is for the title of your company, a short sentence, description or tagline, as well as a company logo. The second fold is designed to tell the reader about your company as wells as the products and services you offer. Tell potential customers what sets you apart from your competition.

The middle fold of the blank brochure template is designed to allow you to mail the brochure. Here, you can place your name, physical address and the mailing address of the recipient. There’s also a designated spot for a stamp.

The second slide of the blank brochure template is where you will place the bulk of your information. As designed, it includes designated slots for two photos, as well as another space for all of your contact information. The blank brochure template also explains the type of content you should place in each space and walks you through the entire customization process.

Getting noticed in today’s ultra-competitive business world isn’t easy, but you can grab your rightful share of attention with the blank brochure template from Microsoft. Download the blank brochure template for free right here at today!

Download: Blank Brochure Template