2019 Calendar Template


A great way to keep up with a busy lifestyle is to utilize the 2019 Calendar Template. This template helps you keep your life organized, simple and chaos free. It has many beneficial features which can be customized to make your life easy!

How to Use the 2019 Calendar Template Excel Document

The 2019 Calendar Template is extremely easy to use and it can be downloaded for free here. Once it is downloaded, you can customize the calendar Excel document to meet your needs by making notes on specific dates or in general at the bottom of each month in the “notes” field.

Each month is set up on its very own worksheet so it is very organized and simple. Another great bonus you can find in the 2019 Calendar template is the different options to view the document. The document can be enlarged to view only a few days at a time, or you can adjust it to view the entire month all together.

These are just some of the features that make the template so great. The 2019 Calendar Template helps take out the complications in your life because it is so easy to use. You can even modify changes to the calendar by clicking on the specific date or the note field.

Tips for Using the 2019 Calendar Template Excel Document

To make notes on specific dates, simply double click the on the date and begin to type the notes you need to make. To make notes in the general note field towards the bottom of the page, you just need to double click in the box and begin typing your notes.

You can easily view month-to-month by clicking on the individual month worksheet tab located near the bottom of the template.

Also, you can adjust the viewing size of the calendar as well near the bottom of the document or by clicking the “view” tab at the top of the Excel spreadsheet. This will allow you to make the template larger or smaller.

Furthermore, this document allows you to easily save new information entered and you can even send the document by email.

Download:  2019-Calendar-Template