Survival Camping Checklist


Is the wilderness a friend or foe? Well, sometimes it can be both. The trick is having the right equipment with you so you’re never caught off-guard. The Survival Camping Checklist has your back when it comes to planning for all the likely scenarios of handling the great outdoors. Having a fresh set of packing ideas never hurts and it gets you in the mindset to think of things you may not have initially planned for. The template comes with a vast array of common camping items to get you started. You can even customize the document to fit the area you’re staying at with only a few clicks of your mouse. A beautiful sunrise and hot cup of cocoa are just over the horizon, download this Camping Checklist today to get started.

How to Use the Survival Camping Checklist

After opening the Camping Checklist you’ll probably notice that there are four different columns in which to enter your camping equipment.

Go through the columns and enter your packing items according to the categories above:

  • Essentials – The items you want to bring with you that are small enough to be carried or easily worn on your person.
  • Eating – Meals that will keep you full of energy and not make you crash as you enjoy every minute of your camping experience.
  • Gear-Items that are needed for camping, such as tents, cooking supplies, etc.
  • Websites– Websites where you can purchase items you need but don’t have. For example, you’ll probably need a sleeping bag and if you don’t have one you can shop around for the best price and list the store or website here.

When you have all the items on your checklist marked off you can venture out into nature with full confidence, knowing you have everything you need.

Download: Survival Camping Checklist