Russian to English Flash Cards


Russian to English Flash Cards

Privet! Welcome to and we hope the free Russian to English Flash Cards will start you on your journey to learning the Russian language. This template includes helpful flashcards that will show you the fundamental words of the language and allow you to expand your vocabulary through regular practice and using other tools to supplement your learning. The great thing about learning a new language is that you can expand your world and open yourself up to new ideas and concepts; this template is just your first step to doing just that.

Getting Started with the Russian to English Flash Cards

The Russian to English Flash Cards can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of the page.

When you have the template, you should start by printing the sheets to use. Go to the top of the page in your open Word document and select “File” then “Print.”
Now, begin to cut out the cards, along the given lines of the text and create your own cards. You can choose to have them laminated at any copy store near you as well.

Now, you can then shuffle the cards and make it a game to match them with the corresponding words. There are two types of cards, the English word in our alphabet and the Russian word using their Cyrillic system.

Over time, you will become more and more familiar with these words and the Russian alphabet and start to recognize how to pronounce them as well.

If you’re having some difficulty with the words, we recommend using Google translate, which translates and says the word for you.

You should also supplement your learning with more flashcards once you master the material here. You can even make your own using the Google translate software, for free!

This template offers you a great window into a learning experience of a lifetime!

Download: Russian to English Flash Cards