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Summer Event Flyer

Summer Event Flyer Template screenshot

If you have your own business such as a preschool or daycare, or even an a business that consists mainly of adults, you might find …

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Halloween Party Invitations

Screenshot of the free Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween party invitations can be quite expensive to purchase. They’re just as expensive to make yourself. You have to factor in the type of envelopes, …

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Political Flyer Template

Screenshot of the Political Flyer Template

The flyer is one of the oldest forms of political advertising there is. Whether it’s a local election for a county seat, or an ancient …

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Family Reunion Newsletter

Download the Family Reunion Newsletter template

In our modern world, extended family ties are more difficult to maintain than in previous generations. Families are often spread out across the country. Those …

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New Years Eve Invitations

The art of customizing personal invitations is now easier with Microsoft’s New Years Eve Invitations template card. This New Years Eve Invitations card is designed …

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Graduation Party Invitation Templates

Screenshot of the Graduation Party Invitation Templates

Graduation is such a special occasion, one to be marked with celebration and recognition. Not only is it a special event for the graduate, but …

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Silent Auction Template

Screenshot of the Silent Auction Template

Advertise your silent auction for your school or organization with a beautiful template that scales in size to 19.5″ x 15.2″ when fully assembled. The …

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Pet Adoption Template

Screenshot of the Pet Adoption Template

You care about homeless pets and want them all to have the best home that can be provided for them. Of course you would adopt …

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Football Party Invitations

Screenshot of the Football Party Invitations

For the devout football fan who likes to keep in touch with all the NFL games and scores with friends and family, the Football Party …

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Mothers Day Card Template

Every mom deserves a thoughtful, custom-made card for Mothers Day. By creating a personalized card using a Mothers Day card template, you will be able …

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