Project Tracker Timeline


If you’ve ever wanted to realize a dream or goal you have in life, whether it’s for business or a personal matter, the Project Tracker Timeline can help you. The timeline template sheet works by breaking apart your goal into small sections and even subsections. These smaller tasks are much easier to accomplish in a short amount of time. You can track the project of each of these tasks using this template. Many times people lose confidence in a goal when looking at the bigger picture. This template reverses that by giving you tasks that are simple and easy to do. They continue to build until you have your entire project completed. Follow the instructions below to get started today.

Using the Project Tracker Timeline

Downloading the Tracker Timeline template sheet is simple. All you need to do is click the link below to receive the free template.

The two sections of the Project Tracker template are the data table and the graph itself. Everything that you enter into the table is applied to the graph for a nice and clean visual representation.

You will note that your tasks are broken into different phases and that those phases are broken down again into tasks. These steps can be as simple or complex as you need. Simply click the cell you want to change and write a new item.

In this table, you will enter the name of your phase/task, the person assigned to that task, and the duration of the assignment as well.

All that data will automatically be charted to the adjacent graph. You can even highlight tasks with different colors to illustrate their completion and priority level.

The example also has numbers in certain bars to indicate that a certain task requires that number of people.

Through this Timeline Tracker template, you will be able to plan the perfect strategy for implementing your ideas and completing any goal.

Download: Project Tracker Timeline