Project Preventive Action Form


Project Preventive Action Form

Over the course of a major project you might spy some accidents and issues that could easily be avoided if only you had a way to propose changes to the current system. The free Project Preventive Action Form gives you that method in a simple format. After downloading the free template file, you will find a simple sheet that allows you to check the areas that your issue applies to and what you propose to change.

From there, you can just print the sheet and send it to the people in charge. Likewise, if you are the person in charge, you can provide these sheets to your employees to draw from their years of project experience. To get started today, just follow the instructions below.

Downloading and Using the Project Preventive Action Form

You will start by downloading the free template. To do this, just click the link at the bottom of the page.

The next step will be to start filling out the information at the top of the template. You will enter the initiator name, email, and the date.

You then have a list of categories to choose what your preventative measure falls under. For example, if you have a solution for customer review, you would simply check the “Customer Review” section.

Below the list of categories is where you’ll list the problem area in more detail. Below that, you will enter your solution to the problem in detail. You have to be sure to give as much detail as possible. This will help people understand the bulk of your idea.

If you have a supervisor, you can list their name and the level of priority that this problem should fall under.

There are also sections for people to review your solution and leave further details for managers. This template makes suggesting preventative actions much more convenient and easy to follow.

Download: Project Preventive Action Form