Project Portfolio Template


Projects are only as simple as you make them. Of course, they can take a lot of time, energy, and manpower if you don’t use the proper tools to help yourself. The Project Portfolio Template is a great way to track multiple projects and analyze various elements of it, such as the risks, budget, and a number of pending actions until completion. Project management is an essential skill of any business owner or leader within in a company. This template just makes your job a little easier so you can focus on leading your team or planning out your strategy for success.

How to Use the Project Portfolio Template

The template comes with two different tabs at the bottom of the screen. In one, you will enter the necessary data required by the template. In the other tab, that data will appear in helpful graphs and various other visual aids.

You will begin in the “Portfolio Data” tab to enter your initial information. This section is split into several tables that allow you to enter individual projects and information about them.

Enter the project name in the first row, followed by the current, start, and end dates of your project or task. The Portfolio Template will automatically calculate the number of days your task will take.

The next section is intended to help with calculating a budget. Enter the number of teams members you’ll need to pull off your project or task in column F. Then proceed to craft an estimated budget you want to stick with.

The red section is intended to assess risk. Simply enter, on a scale of 1-10, the risk level of your project. If you run into any issues or you need to change something about your project, you can enter that information in the orange section as well.

Finally, the last column of the Project Portfolio is for tracking any pending actions that need to be taken to your task.

When you have all that information in each table, click on the “Project Portfolio Dashboard” to review this information through bar graphs and pie charts to give you a precise look at your project management plans.

Download: Project Portfolio Template