Project Charter Template


Project Charter Template

Projects can become skewed fast and as a project manager you need the right tools to help you keep everything organized. The free Project Charter Template is the best way to achieve these results. The template gives you and your project team the space needed to structure different aspects of your project into a neatly organized template. You can quickly work with your team to knock out these tasks one-by-one. This sheet gives you the power to write your project plan for all to see and follow. To start using this free template, simply read the guide given below.

Using the Project Charter Template

To download the free template sheet to your computer, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Next, start at the top of the document and enter the information that has been listed. If you need multiple copies of this template, you can enter what number of the sheet you’re currently on, in the “Doc Number” section and “Version.” You can also list when you last printed the document and the number of pages associated with this project or task.

The next section below will help you organize your actual project. Enter the project name, project leader, contact information, and proceed to the main table below.

The first item on the list simply outlines the purpose of your mission in a simple point-by-point guide. You will then list the objectives, the deliverable items, the stakeholders, and any other information that applies directly to your project.

If you want to change, add, or delete a category, highlight the text and write over it.

You are free to fill out the rest of this information in the same fashion. When you have completed the document, print out the sheet to share with all your project teammates. This will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Download: Project Charter Template