Project Change Request Form


If a project isn’t going the way you want and you need to make some changes or risk losing something, then the Project Change Request Form is the perfect tool for you. You can use this document in one of two ways. The first is to change projects if you feel your skills would be better suited for another task. The other way you can use the template is to simply propose a change in the structure of the project you’re working on. Either way is perfectly fine. To try this free template today, just follow the directions given below.

Using the Project Change Request Form

To download the template file to your computer, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link below.

You can start by entering your name, contract number, and completion dates for your project at the top of the page, in the indicated sections.

The next few sections allow you to write the current condition of the project/task, specifically, what you propose to change and the justifications for that change. Make sure you take the time to be as detailed as possible in these tables so project leaders know what you mean and clearly understand the issues.
If you have some idea of how this will influence cost, quality, timing, scope, and other aspects of the project, you can list them in the “Change Manager Information” table.

When you hand in this document, there is a section for a project committee to either approve or deny your proposal.

If they approve, there are blank spaces for all committee members to write their signatures after printing the sheet. There is also a follow-up area if you are questioned about some of the information you have provided.

You can organize the perfect change for a project with this free tool.

Download: Project Change Request Form