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Cause and Effect Chart

Problems come up every day in business, and trivial and serious issues that can affect how well the company is run. Understandably, an organization’s goal …

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Classroom Seating Chart

Classroom Seating Chart screenshot

In modern classrooms, teachers spend too much time doing paperwork rather than actively engaging students. From lesson plans to behavior management plans and functional behavioral …

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Party Invitation Template

Spring and summer parties for birthdays, holidays or family reunions need an eye-catching invitation to attract a crowd of guests. This floral party invitation template …

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Sales Strategy Template

Screenshot of the Microsoft Sales Strategy Template

If you work in the field of sales, a presentation discussing sales strategies can help bring a team together to sell a product and even …

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Project Plan PowerPoint Template

Project Plan PowerPoint Template Image

Embarking on a new project can be fun, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. Whether you have been given a project from your …

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Newsletter Template

screenshot of the free Newsletter Template

Newsletters are a professional way for groups to get information out, get the attention of potential supporters and keep the group name and image in …

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Retirement Savings Calculator

Screenshot of the Retirement Savings Calculator.

Planning your retirement is a priority for those looking to find financial stability in their lives. Like saving up money for a new car or …

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Blood Sugar Chart Template

Screenshot of the Blood Sugar Chart Template

Keeping track of one’s blood sugar is one of the most important parts of diabetes. Because one must keep a record of blood sugar numbers, …

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Email Signature Template

Email Signature Template screenshot

The vast majority of written communication today takes place through email. Most people have at least one personal email address as well as one work …

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Fundraiser Flyer Template

screenshot of the Fundraiser Flyer Template

There are many circumstances where a person would need to plan events such as a party or fundraiser, so it can be beneficial to learn …

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