Nature Photoshop Brushes


Having a little trouble painting that cloud or that wood texture for your next masterpieces. The free Nature Photoshop Brushes are here to help you solve those issues with the help of Adobe’s favorite child, Photoshop.

The files below will give you access to custom-made brush presets that you can use for a variety of different reasons.

All of the troublesome aspects of nature that are difficult to draw and paint will become clear and beautiful on your canvas with the click of a button. You can edit your existing works and enhance them with the nature brushes we’ve made for you. Best of all, these brushes are absolutely free.

To give the free brush templates a try, just follow the simple set of instructions below.

Using the Nature Photoshop Brushes

To download the brushes you want, all you need to do is click the link at the bottom of this page. You can download one or all of them. There is a coinciding image that shows you what the brush can do.

If you want to change the preset brushes, you can accomplish that easily.

Once you click the link and download the zip file, you’ll have access to that brush when you open Photoshop. Simply click the “Brush Preset” icon in your tools panel and scroll to the bottom of your list of brushes.

You can use that same window to make small adjustments, changing the color, size, brightness, and anything else you can think up.

These brushes are perfect for people that have trouble drawing or painting certain textures. For example, you can draw the outline of a tree on your own, then use our wood texture brushes to fill it in with to make it look more realistic.

Get started today by downloading the free template below.

Download: Nature Photoshop Brushes