Motion to Vacate Judgment


Whether you’re a landlord that needs your tenants to vacate or a spouse who went through a terrible divorce, the Motion to Vacate Judgment document can help you create a court document that is backed by the law. This free template document has everything you need to be listed out for you. All that you will need to do is type the blank spaces with the indicate information required by this template. Once you have the document filled out completely, you can go to the courthouse for quick vindication. With the law behind you and your Vacate Judgement, you can then evict the person in question. Make your life or job easier with this simple document at you side.

Using the Motion to Vacate Judgment

Downloading the free template is made simple, just follow the link below.

With the template downloaded and opened on your computer, start at the top of the blank document and start entering your courthouses information.

You will start by listing your name and the name of the person(s) that you need to vacate.

You can then proceed to the section marked “2”. This is where you will write down a general and condensed version of the events that occurred. This will be the action(s) that lead to you needing to evict the person. Make sure that you are concise in this area.
The blank space below is where you will enter the name of your state.

Next, just fill out the remaining blank spaces with your name, date, address, city, state, and then finally your signature at the very bottom of the page.

To print this document, simply click “File” then “Print” at the top of your screen. All that’s left to do is bring this document to your nearest courthouse and file the motion to vacate through the legal system.

Download: Motion To Vacate Judgment