Holiday Newsletter


A newsletter is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to celebrate the holidays with a great party or event. The Holiday Newsletter is designed to give you a fun template to make a festive newsletter and provide you with all the information necessary to fill it out! Best of all, this template is absolutely free. Instead of spending your money and time going out into the chaotic holiday shopping world, give this document a try and see what creative ideas you can bring to the people you love during this wonderful season!

How to Use the Holiday Newsletter

After you have successfully downloaded the free file below, simply open the document to get started!

Start by giving your newsletter a fun and exciting title that goes well with the event you’ll be throwing. This title will go in the section at the top, highlighted in yellow.
The next step is to organize your newsletter, that’s where the “Overview” box comes into play. Just list, in order, the topics you want to cover. This will include games, gift exchanging, dinner time, and whatever else you’d like to include.

Once this is complete, simply change the title of each pre-written category throughout the document and enter the name of your topic instead. Remember to do this in order so your overview makes perfect sense. Now go through and write a brief summary of each topic, exactly how the Holiday newsletter template is structured.

All that’s left to do is print the document and fold it on the lines that are provided. You’ll notice at the bottom of the template, there is a convenient envelope in which to fold your entire newsletter. Just fill out the information required and add a mailing stamp for your recipient. The end result will give you perfectly made accordion style newsletter to be unfolded by your recipient to inform them about your amazing holiday event!

Reasons to Use the Holiday Newsletter

  • Overview of your newsletter at the top of the page
  • Separated sections for different topics
  • Festive images to bring out the holiday spirit

Be original this year and make your very own newsletter for everyone to enjoy this holiday season!

Download: Holiday Newsletter