Geology Flash Cards


Geology is one of the earliest forms of science that your child will be introduced to in school. The free Geology Flash Cards will allow them to learn the core principles of this study and some of the most common terms associated with it in no time! The free template will be a Words document that you can print and cut out to make a system of convenient flash cards. Using this simple tool, your child will start to recognize patterns and be able to answer questions in class that their classmates haven’t even learned yet.

To get started with this free template today, just follow the guide below.

Getting to Know the Geology Flash Cards

You will start by downloading the free template by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step will be to print your new Geology Flash Cards by scrolling to the top of your opened document and selecting the “File” button above and choosing “Print” from the list of options that will appear.

Now, you can then cut out the cards along the lines of the boxes. The idea is to provide your child with a series of words and definitions that all relate to geology.

You will make different games to quiz your child on the fundamental machinations of the Earth.

Let’s run through an example so you know how this should go. Let’s say that you want to quiz your child. You would take a random word card, like “Basalt” and they should be able to give you the definition card, which would be the “An example of an extrusive volcanic igneous rock formed above the earth’s surface” card.

You should also be able to show them the definition and they should be able to produce the word itself.

Download: Geology Flash Cards