Entry Level Resume Template


So you don’t have any work experience, bid deal. The free Entry Level Resume Template can showcase your many other accomplishments to land that entry-level position in no time. The flaw with most resume templates is that they rely too heavily on work experience.

You might be a college graduate or a frequent volunteer for your local animal shelter but all an employer will see is the empty space where experience should go.

This template shifts the focus to your references. You will start by listing your contact information then enter every exciting opportunity you’ve been a part of. All those experiences that aren’t technically jobs will be the highlight of your resume.

You have the freedom to pick and choose your experience and showcase relevant skills to land your entry-level job. To get started, just follow the directions below.

Using the Entry Level Resume Template

Downloading the free template file can be done by clicking the link provided below.

Next, enter your name and contact information at the top of the page in the indicated areas.

The main section of the resume template will be for your references. You can enter the name, title, company, and contact information of each of your references.

To the right of each reference, you need to write out the relationship of your reference. Anyone can ask some friends to say nice words about them but you need a way to show these are professional connections you’ve made through hard work and unique experiences.

The template shows you exactly what you need to enter in this section as well.

Once you have at least 5 references listed, you can print the document or send it out digitally to an entry-level hiring staff.

To print the sheet, simply click “File” then “Print” at the very top of your screen. This template gives you the right tools to land your next job, even if you don’t have the experience.

Download: Entry Level Resume Template