College Comparison Tracker


Some students fail to realize how important the process of picking a college can be to their future. Some colleges offer programs and clubs that other colleges do not, which can effectively make or break a student’s opinion of that school. The location of a prospective college is important as well. A student could possibly land a job in their field in the state or city close to their school. All in all, there are many factors to judge when deciding on a college. The free Excel College Comparison Tracker is here to aid you in your decision making process.

Using the College Comparison Tracker

The free Excel College Comparison worksheet is a simple tool for prospective students to fill in to help them make an informed choice about where they want to go. Download a copy of the worksheet near the end of this article. Open it in your version of Microsoft Excel to get started.

  • When you open the comparison tracker, the “Applications” sheet is the first thing that you’ll see. Here, you will insert college application information for easy future access. Start by inserting the name of the colleges you wish to go to into the table.
  • After you’ve accomplished that, go through each college and fill out the information in the rest of the table. Table sections include the location of the college (city and state), a contact person, application fee, due date, and the date you actually turned in your application.
  • Now that you’re done with the applications section, click the tab for the “Comparisons” sheet to switch the view. This is where you’ll compare different aspects of each college that you’re interested in.
  • You’ll need to fill in the names of the three colleges at the top of the table. Then enter the locations as well as the ranking you’d give them. The next field is web address, which is important to store to find out more information in the future.
  • In the size field, enter how many students attend as well as the population of the town the college is in. Finally, insert any notes you may have accumulated during your research.

Download: College Comparison Tracker