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Free Class Calendar

The class calendar template can serve many useful purposes in your classroom. It will teach students to be more responsible while also reminding them of fun and exciting times that are on the horizon. The class calendar template is available for free right here on this page. You can download and save the template instantly right here on this page.

How to Use the Class Calendar Template

The class calendar template is an easy-to-read and navigate Microsoft Word document. After you’ve successfully downloaded the class calendar template, we suggest that you save a blank, unused copy somewhere on your hard drive. That way, you’ll have a fresh copy whenever the need for one arises.

You can begin filling out the class calendar template by adding the school name, grade, and teacher name in the space provided in the top left-hand corner. Next to this area, you will notice six different icons for scheduling school events. These icons include:

  • Fun Activities
  • School Trips
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Birthday Party
  • Library
  • Dance and Music

As with nearly all the other elements of the class calendar template, the icons can be customized to better meet the needs of your students or classroom. After you’ve assessed the icons, you can add the month and the year in the shaded bar below.

The class calendar template includes five weeks for the month. The calendar begins on a Friday, but this can easily be changed to properly align with the current month. When there are assignments due or special events are set to take place, you can note them on the class calendar template in a variety of ways. You can place the aforementioned icons in the in the respective boxes. You can also type in important information in the corresponding boxes, or you can print the class calendar template off and fill in the blanks the old fashioned way.

Keep your students up to date and on task with the Microsoft class calendar template. Download the template for free right here today!

Download: Class Calendar