Chore Schedule


Chore Schedule

With a household full of people, the list of chores can keep growing and growing. Messes, dirty dishes, and dirty clothes are bound to pile up sooner than later. A good way to handle these situations is by using an organized structure like a chore schedule. It can take up quite a bit of your time to make a chore schedule by yourself, especially a detailed one. Large families are likely to have more chores that need to be worked out, and manually scheduling these can be a tough time. With large schedules, simpler is usually better. That’s when the free Excel Chore Schedule template becomes quite the useful asset.

How to use the Chore Schedule

With the Chore Schedule, you’ll find it easier to organize and assign tasks when it comes to getting chores done. The schedule is setup to be able to schedule chores for a single week at a time. Download a free copy of the schedule below to get started.

  • Open the schedule in Microsoft Excel.
  • The template will automatically fill in the dates from the time that you’ve saved it.
  • For each task, fill in a name in the “Who” column. Complete this step till all the chores have been filled in.
  • When a task has been completed, mark it on the schedule in the “Done” column for the task.

Tips for the Chore Schedule

  • There are many ways to make your schedule more personal and efficient. Read the steps below and follow them to change your schedule to your liking.
  • Chores can be added easily. Simply create a new row at the end of the template and add each task in yourself.
  • You can remove chores or edit them as you see fit.
  • If you want to further personalize your schedule, insert a picture of your family anywhere within the template.
  • You can fill out the schedule on your computer and print it. The alternative is to print out the blank template and fill it in by hand.

The free Chore Schedule is a powerful tool in organizing the cleaning of your home. If you want to create a more organized approach to doing chores, look no further.

Download: Chore Schedule