Child Development Checklist


Microsoft Child Development Checklist

Your child or children are the most important part of your life. You would do anything for them and want to be sure that they are healthy and thriving. Keeping track of their accomplishments and milestones is an important part of making sure that they are doing well and on the right track. Our Child Development Checklist can help you keep track of how they are doing, developmentally speaking. The Child Development Checklist can help you make notes and keep good records of what your child is doing and accomplishing. By keeping the checklist, you will easily be able to share the information with doctors and teachers as needed.

How to Use the Child Development Checklist

  • Print the Child Development Checklist free of charge right here from our website anytime
  • You can download the checklist to your computer, if you would prefer.
  • The checklist is then customizable to your child’s unique situation and needs.
  • The checklist is very easy to use and will be a valuable tool in keeping track of your child’s development.

Tips on Using the Child Development Checklist

  • Take the checklist with you when going to doctor’s appointments or when meeting with teachers.
  • Make note of specific dates when filling out the form.
  • Make note of the tests and goals that were involved with the task you are recording.
  • Keep it in a place that is easy for you to find. You will want to easily find it when you need it or want to record a new evaluation.
  • Add any additional notes important to the goal or task that you are evaluating. That way you will have that information later and won’t have to remember every detail.

Everyone wants their kids to be happy and healthy. Using our Child Development Checklist will help you keep track of your child’s development and know how they are progressing in important areas. The checklist will help you be organized and know what has been accomplished and what needs to be worked on. Having all the information on one sheet will help you evaluate your child’s needs and communicate those needs with doctors and teachers.

Download: Child Development Checklist